Brand and consumer perceptions: innocent smoothies

Businesses often think about how their brands are or can be perceived by the customers. Listening to the 187th episode of podcast today made me look at this brand image from a different perspective.

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From brands to religions

Citing Dan Brown’s latest The Lost Symbol:

“…what are the three prerequisites for an ideology to be considered a religion?”

“ABC,” one woman offered. “Assure, Believe, Convert.”

“Correct,” Langdon said. “Regions assure salvation; religions believe in a precise theology; and religions convert nonbelievers.”

Interestingly, the first image that popped into my mind was the various Apple retail stores.

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之前住的地方,沒什麼風格,不過在玄關旁的走廊倒是有三副威尼斯帶回來的面具,而房間裡也有一對空白面具。問我,我是不是對面具有什麼特別的喜好,其實也不是,只是剛好有很多,所以拿來裝飾。其餘,因為去年一直不想佈置房間,只想簡單地點綴裝飾,其實房間也是一團亂(羞)現在住的地方呢,更是簡陋 XD 所以呢,決定回味一下 AS-Level 時在 St Lawrence College 的房間。

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Thursday is Blog Day!

Currently I have no ways of accessing the photos from my T1 with my Mac, so I’m going to introduce Mimi, who used to live with me until recently taken away from me by her mum, to the friends from Launch48!

Ever since the launch of co-creating the future, Tom has been doing quite a good job as an editor to keep it alive. Almost every time I walk past him he’d be drafting up something for the blog – or at least it catches my attention when I see the WordPress interface on his screen. So I thought as a blog owner, I should be doing a better job at keeping StillLive.NET, well, alive. As busy as I do get at times, I should certainly regard ‘blog keeping’ as part of the house keeping.

So here we have it. Thursday is now: Blog Day! And because I only decided to do this less than 24 hours ago, I haven’t really thought a great deal about what to write. I guess I’ll start with Launch48!

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