What the CSS Working Group is up to

I recently joined the CSS Working Group mailing list, hoping to be able to get the recent updates on the standards specification, and to see what kind of discussion goes on at the WG.  Upon 10 minutes of joining the list, I had already received 6 emails, which means it’s necessary to create a filter, and shove them all into a bucket for later reading.

And I did that tonight.

Picking the first to read, it was the minutes for a meeting that took place on 8th December. This is what it says:

CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders

glazou: What is the status of css3-background?
fantasai: I don’t know.
glazou: Were there comments from other WGs that weren’t responded to?
fantasai: Not that I know of. Certainly not from PFWG — those were
responded to.
ChrisL summarizes the situation.
ChrisL: We have a timeline of what happened posted to our WG list,
but nothing has been communicated to PFWG yet.
Bert: I see that fantasai already added the issue to the DoC.
Bert: I don’t have a date yet for the telecon with the director.
Bert: I’m not sure what else we do?
glazou: If we have nothing to do that’s fine, I just wanted a short report.
ChrisL: I was saying, we have our story straight, but we haven’t
communicated back to WAI-PF
Bert: So sounds like we should have a resolution to affirm fantasai’s response
<ChrisL> yes lets clarify the official position
RESOLVED: fantasai’s reply is official
ACTION Glazman: send response
<trackbot> Created ACTION-279 – Send response to WAI PF [on Daniel Glazman – due 2010-12-15].
fantasai: Does this mean that every time PFWG sends a comment, if my
response is a clarifying question to them, we need a group
resolution that the response is official before they will reply?
Bert: Yes.
ChrisL notes that Tracker can now have cross-wg issues
<ChrisL> got a link to the timeline?
<Bert> -> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-archive/2010Dec/0004.html
Fantasai’s timeline of the WAI issue

[Moving on to the next topic: WOFF]

Now I’m sure the guys in the working group are very hard working guys, giving their time and dedicate themselves to standards development. But can some body tell me what is it that these guys are suppose to do or talk about? Because I don’t seem to see how this helps us getting closer to CSS3 (or CSS2.1 for that matter, which is still a Candidate Recommendation, being 2 stages away from a completed Recommendation).

Another lesson to take away from this: START USING CSS3 TODAY! Because the day that CSS3 becomes a completed standard is still far far away.

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    61. This is so what I needed to hear this morning! I'm with a small press, but the next book I have, I really want to go the more traditional way–agent, book deal, the works. It's going to be a lot of work too, and I know that better now, but the questions of hiding my former books, writing under an alias, etc, they're all there. But, that's what I want, and I'll do my best to get there!

    62. This post of your’s made this 32 yr old guy, hard to believe that you are just 21 years old. You have just written a masterpiece which normally would be felt by a 60+. I may just be a blogger who often visits your page, but with the little I have guessed abt you, based on your writings, you seem to be a very interesting person.GOD BLESS YOUSatish

    63. tbfinley / I read the BOB books when my children were younger and other children that would be in my home. They are (Bob books) a blessing to me. I try to pick up Bob books but they have stopped carring them here down deep Texas. Now I have grandbabies. I wished I would of been able to pick up Bobs books for my four grandkids. They would be blessed like I was. All my kids (6) were all home schooled with Bob Books… Thank you for your blessings and I would feel honored to get Bob books again. Mrs Finley

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    10. Re: Thanks!I just friended you I’ll let you know when my review journal is up and running. Lately I haven’t been reading as much as I should. So far lj and icons have been getting my time. Although I’m still getting my Wilkie Collins’ fix! Currently I’m reading No Name.

    11. Thanks for such a great post. Noted the technology point. In my youth I was invited to attend a Woman in Science & Engineering workshop, and it really did inspire me. We do need to support our youth, and it’s why Sian decided to put Biba in as a speaker.The girl effect and the issues around it are so eye opening, I am gutted I missed this session – too busy running about – but everything I have read has been that it was inspiring. I personally will be blogging about it all, and of course supporting Sian during her Niger trip. We can make a difference.Claire @ Cybher

    12. Look at the gams on the lady in fishnet stockings! These gorgeous gals are so inspiring; getting older doesn't mean you have to become a shrinking violet and fade into the background. They let their true stylish selves shine through!

    13. Jack,Although I agree with what you are saying it would be nice if you could spell, capitalize or even form a sentence correctly. This would help loan some credibility to what you are saying haha.Also, she might be Arkansas hot but she definitely is not California hot.

    14. commento denso il tuo. A me fa sempre effetto la frase "Ti porto a cena – al mare, in montagna, in discoteca -…." E' singolare come espressione. Non è lui che "ti porta" (sei capace ad andarci anche da sola, immagino). Siete voi che ci andate insieme… Perché se no, qui altro che di primo passo si parla: si tratta che lui pensa di poter fare e disfare della tua vita e che tu dipendi da lui. Le parole sono importanti.

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    16. God help us indeed. Best wishes to your son. I would be burning with anger if it happened to my own son. The police, no fault of their own, are no longer there to protect the citizen, only to enforce the self-righteous “moral code” of their masters. It’s up to the citizen to protect themselves, as best as he or she can. As for that event occurring in a univeristy town, of course, the town and the university only think of protecting their reputations. Best to keep things quiet, lest the citizens begin to think that there might be a problem there.

    17. ‘Politicians are human and need holidays’: Cameron and Clegg set to begin family getaway tomorrow despite eyes of the world being on LondonOH why dont the children of the devil go back home to hell for a few days or two,another pretend christian who goes around murdering innocent peole all across the world

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    19. Jared, You were almost 100% TRANSITIONAL as well! This is a style that was born out of the Pottery Barn generation! It is not totally traditional, but more of a blend from traditional to more modern pieces.Martha, Your style is ECLECTIC! (same as me. wink wink) This is a style that loves a mix of pieces that dont necessarily “match” but all live harmoniously because they are each unique. You could probably do well at flea markets and finding random pieces here and there because you are not shopping for a specific style!

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    25. Enjoyed reading this! Agree on many things. Don't like being on a boat, though I used to tolerate it. Now it scares me to death. I just know it's going to capsize! I have never understood stuffed animals. They just seem like dust catchers to me. Have no trouble getting rid of them. Buying them is a whole other story!

    26. Ah yes… LA…Home.. Home.. hazy skies… where some deer and no antelope roam…You picked the right time to visit, we have had an unusually cool, cloudy, hazy summer this year.Most don't like our smog (can't blame them) but artists, like yourself, recognize the effect it has on the quality of light, the color of light.You should see it after days of wildfires… the light, maybe the air itself, is amber colored, glazing the landscape like an old masters painting.

    27. Thank you Matt,I love this “rubber meets the road” information. Sure wish I would have learned the Break Even question about 15 years ago, lol.To Your Peace and Prosperity,David H. PaulDavid Paul recently posted..

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    29. These are lovely, Mark – from the beautiful drawing to the wonderful home dream close. I especially liked the second poem – it’s rather funny opening paraphrase, and it’s closing stanza – the vividness of the pulling up of the blanket. I like Dickinson very much – these have some of her quirky humor mixed (stop/start) with the more serious message. k.

    30. Hi Barrie, hope you had a good holiday, I don’t think its just you some of his puzzles are really tough but its just about how much time you have to put in and the enjpyment factor if you are not enjoying them then it isn’t worth the time, sometimes i feel like giving up but then start at it again, i don’t always succeed but I always need my chambers crossword dictionary and electronic thesaurus etc. don’t always need the blog these days to get an answer but often need it to understand how i got it!!!

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    38. It’s a great print. it reminds me about my years in Finland. Those were like a warm blanket, as I’m sure this blanket is too. And even though I love the yellow edge, I would go for grey. It first better in the apartment 🙂

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    40. This is inspiring. I would love to taverl the world and I love writing letters. Letters are more personal and makes taverling that much more real to me, like I am an old explorer. Even if my travels have only consisted of family vacations so far. The Galapagos Islands and Post Man Bay sound like my kind of place. I cannot wait to hear more of you tales.

    41. Mrs. Rutherford January 5, 2011 – 6:56 am shut up u %*$%&^&! African Americans and Indians should get paid back for everything. Our whole civilization and culture has been taken away from us. There would be nothing in America without any of us u f%^*%&^*%* go get a life. Look at my last name $%$ its a white slave owners name its not from my african or indian roots so go %^&%&%.

    42. How long have you had it in? Ultimately it is your choice and none of your doctor’s business, yanno? It’s your right to not want to use birth control whether you’re planning for another baby or not. Make something up and get it removed, mama! Tell doc that hubby got snipped ;-). LOL

    43. C’est dommage, maintenant on ne reçoit plus de courrier et de belles lettres. Alors pour cette année, j’ai décidé de renouer avec la tradition et d’envoyer des cartes à l’ancienne via la poste ! ça permet de garder le contact avec sa famille que l’on a pas toujours l’occasion de voir.Bonnes Fêtes !

    44. Thanks Derrath! I’m thrilled that you are enjoying Rival Angels. As to your proposal, I think Luna’s manager Johann would agree to the terms for Luna, citing the only thing in return is that you don’t file a grievance after Luna busts you up. XDHi, Vanessa!! Always reassuring to know you’re around. BBD, it was a rough match. There’s nothing wrong with recoup and recover.Comichero, I would tell Lola that, that’s no way to treat Snowy’s chest. Good observations too! Things will be coming to a head over the rest of the PPV.

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    46. Darrell / Interesting article and perspectives. Its really important to be true to yourself. Yet, its also very important to be open minded enough to accept change too. Life is a journey. We don’t always know what we don’t know.

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    49. This latest ‘bon mot’ from Day confirms my belief that he is merely very, very stupid. How else could he keep on saying things which other, equally racist or otherwise prejudiced, conservative mp’s have learned to suppress. It’s no wonder Harper tries to keep his mp’s away from the press. I wonder why he is keeping such a loose cannon.

    50. Does your website have a contact page? I’m having problems locating it but, I’d like to send you an email. I’ve got some ideas for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great site and I look forward to seeing it improve over time.

    51. Sounds like he’s not really sure what he wants out of life. He might be disappointed that the trucking school thing didn’t work out, and is afraid to try again. You might have some issues yourself, calling his friends “low lifes.” Get out from under your parents’ apron and maybe you both will be more motivated.

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    1. Have you ever tried Maytag blue cheese? I don't think it was created by the inventor of the Maytag diewsahhsrs … I think the Maytags left an endowment to Univ of Iowa and their ag department created the new version. Will have to look that up … anyway, great photos!

    1. LeighIt’s a beautiful image, Thomas. As for technique, I find it’s locked inside my head now and I’m trying my best to transfer that to digital. It’s not the same as taking shots with my old Canon AV1. Or perhaps it’s my relationship with him, it’s almost magical – you probably feel the same way about your Leica. Have fun with the new camera!

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    5. to you at the end. Every single one of us has failed at something at some point in their lives, that is just human nature. However, the real question lies in what we do when we have that failure. For you, because you were able to learn from that failure, you will be able to grow and become better at what you do, even though you may have failed. It’s a good feeling knowing that you can and will do better the next time you are in that situation, because you were able to learn from your mistakes.

    6. Great post! I participated last time and posted about my current reviews at the time…I think there were like 12. I'll have to post again, although most, if not all, of my books have been review copies…ahhh..haven't had time for my own books lately :(I'll post mine up this week!

    7. With highs in the lower 80′s! It was depressing! Seriously, though, we only ended up with just under 2 inches of rain through the whole week. The rain was not significant and very scattered. We are still behind, but at least the dust settled and the plants got a much needed sip of water.

    8. / I’m stunned by your bravery and eloquence. There is no force greater than a pure heart such as yours. There is no growth without pain, but what we forget is that suffering is not required when you have acceptance (surrender). This post is the Zen of Jaime. You blow me away every time.

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