Santa Claus is coming to town

So there, after a silent night with Smallville, mulled wine, and a nice sleep. I managed to get up at a reasonably early-but-late hour – 9:30AM. A quick shower, nice breakfast, and a round of mail/msg/facebook checking, then a good tidy up for the flat.

Spent most of the day listening to Latino jazz and reading. Had quite a couple cups of tea, and managed to send my holiday greetings to the majority of my dearest friends.

Dinner time. Good that I had a little stock of food in the fridge. Made myself a nice gourmet dinner with an icy glass of fruit juice. That came along with a Christmas movie on TV – BJ’s Diary 2 – one that I managed to miss when it first came out.

And now, after another round of mail checking and cup of Earl Grey, I’m summing up my 2007 Christmas, and about to get myself ready for bed.

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