What the CSS Working Group is up to

I recently joined the CSS Working Group mailing list, hoping to be able to get the recent updates on the standards specification, and to see what kind of discussion goes on at the WG. ¬†Upon 10 minutes of joining the list, I had already received 6 emails, which means it’s necessary to create a filter, and shove them all into a bucket for later reading.

And I did that tonight.

Picking the first to read, it was the minutes for a meeting that took place on 8th December. This is what it says:

CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders

glazou: What is the status of css3-background?
fantasai: I don’t know.
glazou: Were there comments from other WGs that weren’t responded to?
fantasai: Not that I know of. Certainly not from PFWG — those were
responded to.
ChrisL summarizes the situation.
ChrisL: We have a timeline of what happened posted to our WG list,
but nothing has been communicated to PFWG yet.
Bert: I see that fantasai already added the issue to the DoC.
Bert: I don’t have a date yet for the telecon with the director.
Bert: I’m not sure what else we do?
glazou: If we have nothing to do that’s fine, I just wanted a short report.
ChrisL: I was saying, we have our story straight, but we haven’t
communicated back to WAI-PF
Bert: So sounds like we should have a resolution to affirm fantasai’s response
<ChrisL> yes lets clarify the official position
RESOLVED: fantasai’s reply is official
ACTION Glazman: send response
<trackbot> Created ACTION-279 – Send response to WAI PF [on Daniel Glazman – due 2010-12-15].
fantasai: Does this mean that every time PFWG sends a comment, if my
response is a clarifying question to them, we need a group
resolution that the response is official before they will reply?
Bert: Yes.
ChrisL notes that Tracker can now have cross-wg issues
<ChrisL> got a link to the timeline?
<Bert> -> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-archive/2010Dec/0004.html
Fantasai’s timeline of the WAI issue

[Moving on to the next topic: WOFF]

Now I’m sure the guys in the working group are very hard working guys, giving their time and dedicate themselves to standards development. But can some body tell me what is it that these guys are suppose to do or talk about? Because I don’t seem to see how this helps us getting closer to CSS3 (or CSS2.1 for that matter, which is still a Candidate Recommendation, being 2 stages away from a completed Recommendation).

Another lesson to take away from this: START USING CSS3 TODAY! Because the day that CSS3 becomes a completed standard is still far far away.