Cats chase mice. Naturally.

There’ve been two incidents of mouse–following lately at home.

Incident 1: Return of the pest

It all started a couple of weeks ago when Mimi at home decided to constantly stare at the washing machine, and even sleep by it when she can. It happened once before when she was living at another flat at High Street Kensington. I wasn’t there, but story goes that she started to stare under the fridge, until suddenly one day she presented a nicely dead mouse to her royal owner.

How sweet.

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Thursday is Blog Day!

Currently I have no ways of accessing the photos from my T1 with my Mac, so I’m going to introduce Mimi, who used to live with me until recently taken away from me by her mum, to the friends from Launch48!

Ever since the launch of co-creating the future, Tom has been doing quite a good job as an editor to keep it alive. Almost every time I walk past him he’d be drafting up something for the blog – or at least it catches my attention when I see the WordPress interface on his screen. So I thought as a blog owner, I should be doing a better job at keeping StillLive.NET, well, alive. As busy as I do get at times, I should certainly regard ‘blog keeping’ as part of the house keeping.

So here we have it. Thursday is now: Blog Day! And because I only decided to do this less than 24 hours ago, I haven’t really thought a great deal about what to write. I guess I’ll start with Launch48!

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(If you hit the 日記 button from mixi and expected some Japanese blogging, すまん~ This’ll all be in Chinese ^^”)

(But if you are in Japan:戦慄のフルスコア – 4.19 Roadshow!)

這幾天在看我最近的照片發現,我這陣子大部分的照片都是坐在這個椅子上照的 (囧) 我是該出去走走了。

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